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We provide the world's leading data visualization solutions to help users analyze and understand data more easily and efficiently. Our platform has a rich variety of ways to present data, including charts, metrics, dashboards, etc., so you can quickly find the story behind the data and help you make smarter decisions. Additionally, we provide powerful data integration, analysis, and penetration capabilities to help users easily manage and share data.

Custom metrics

Enables users to create custom charts, add multiple different metrics, and share them.

Indicator penetration

Users are allowed to view indicators in charts and quickly link to a browser to view on-chain trading activity and the addresses that caused anomalies.

Multi-chain fusion

Integrate data from multiple chains of the same currency to visualize and help users get more accurate changes.

Abnormal Alerts

Multiple methods of alerting, currently supporting alert addresses, single metrics, and correlation of multiple metrics.

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JieData provides a variety of tools and resources related to data analysis, including data visualization, transaction tracking, and address mining. Through JieData, users can access a wealth of data sets and case studies to learn about the latest data science techniques and trends.

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